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Web Design and Development Services:

Website Development:

Web design and development according to the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.

Use of the correct semantics for search engine optimization and accessibility.

User experience awareness.

Information security awareness.

Search Engine Optimization and Accessibility:

If your website is your calling card, it needs to be easily found and anyone has to be able to access it. Therefore, certain measures need to be taken to ensure your site’s accessibility by people with disabilities who may use a Screen Reader, and to ensure that search engines will be able to index your website improving your SEO.

Responsive Websites:

Nowadays people access the internet from a variety of devices and screen sizes. With a responsive design we are able to ensure a pleasant navigation regardless of the screen size.

Content Management Systems:

Personalized Content Management Systems or using one of the existing platforms such as Joomla! or Wordpress - depending on your needs - for you to easily manage after the delivery of the site.


Check out other websites we have created.

And if you need your website in more than one language, we also offer the translation. Check out our translations section.

Translation and Proofreading Services:

Translating is more than translating word by word. It is understanding the message and saying it in another language. And no software anywhere does that..

Top-notch offers human value, that understands the context and ensures a good translation.

We offer excellent technical, corporate, literary and simple translations, proofreading and video transcriptions.

We work with English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Imagem com os serviços e os idiomas oferecidos, Tradução, Revisão, Trasncrição, Espanhol, Inglês, Português

Translations :

Translations by qualified translators with a great domain of the languages they work with. Partnerships with translators from several fields and language pairs to deliver to you the best work possible. This partnership enables us to have a good quality control.

Transcriptions :

You may have a video that needs translating but you don’t really want subtitles. Subtitles are useful when one needs to understand what is being said but they are limited by screen space and timing, and therefore, most of the time, they summarize what is being said. If what you need is a faithful translation of the entire content of a video then you need a transcription first, and we offer this service.

Proofreading :

Your document has already been written in the target language but you would like a professional to proofread it. We offer such services.

Some examples of websites created by Top-notch: